Zika Virus Makes Its Way into The US Politics

With Hillary Clinton calling for the Congress to come back to session and pass a bill the way to deal with the Zika Virus, the virus may just be a lethal political weapon. Its effects seem to be beyond known as it has made its way into the US political world.

Though the outbreak seems contained and now only in Miami, concerns of future outbreaks and the effects of the virus on the unborn cannot be ignored.

Zika virus that hardly displays any symptoms in adults has adverse effects on pregnant women as it causes microcephaly (where a baby is born with an unusually small head), stillbirths and miscarriages. The virus transmitted through sex and mosquito bites.

In countries like Latin America, the debate is raging about abortion accessibility. US political ring is now fighting about who cares to fight the virus.

Hillary Clinton on her campaign just unleashed the Zika weapon. She said that her daughter Chelsea who holds a doctorate in health foresaw the Zika threat last year. She also cited that she sent aides in Puerto Rico find out more about the virus and advice on what can be done.

Mrs. Clinton said though she did not wish to cause a false alarm, there is a need for the Congress to act in haste and pass the bill that the Senate has already done.

The Republicans shot back at Hillary, saying that the buck stops with the Democrats. They urged Hillary to channel her efforts to the right course and the money will be released immediately for the president’s approval.

Hillary further responded to Trump’s comment on Zika by suggesting that his comment was undermining the fight against the virus. Trump had avoided the matter indicating that the officials were best placed to handle the issue.

With the Zika virus debate, Hillary could win the female voters as she works to portray Trump as insensitive to the issues that affect women.

A poll, however, revealed that Americans are not very concerned about the virus as 23 percent said they were a bit worried, and 12 percent recorded as very concerned.

The Public health officials have been sending mixed signals by pleading for billions to fund the fight against the virus while saying that the cases are minimal and contained.

A hospital in Houston Texas reported the first death related to the Zika virus on Tuesday. A mother who had traveled to Texas while pregnant lost her baby shortly after birth.

Brazil, on the other hand, where the virus is prevalent now throws a new confusion in the Zika saga. The officials suggest that Zika virus can not entirely cause the adverse effects. According to them, there is more with Zika to be worried about.

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