All you need to know about Mosquito Seasons

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Most people don’t give much thought to mosquitoes – until they get a sign of a mosquito bite. Usually, the mosquito season is during the hot summers, it can start much earlier and can extend till autumn.

The quick fix solutions can last only a few weeks and will not get the job done. The solution to avoid mosquitoes should be implemented on a long-term basis so it can prove to be effective.

Why bother About Mosquito Season?

Mosquitoes can be annoying particularly if you are having a fun time with your family outside. Some of the known species of mosquitoes can pose a health hazard to humans and animals.

Some of the serious mosquito-borne diseases can include the West Nile virus which can cause brain damage and potentially leading towards death. It might even cause a disease known as chikungunya – which can cause fever, rash, and severe joint pain.

When Does Mosquito Season Start?

Mostly the mosquitoes hibernate during the winter, and when the weather becomes warmer, they re-emerge. The mosquitoes start coming when the temperature is 50 F. As the temperature rises, the mosquito activity will also begin to increase.

When Does Mosquito Season End?

As the temperature cools, the mosquito volume starts to decrease. Although, it is possible that some of the hibernating mosquitoes re-emerge during this season.

Mosquito Season Varies By Region

The mosquito season can vary widely from one region to another. As you might know, the mosquitoes are likely to come early in the warmer areas and can last longer than usual. The regions that are usually colder than other’s are most likely to have a short mosquito season compared to the regions which are really warm.

Prepare Before Mosquito Season Arrives

Many people wait until they have been either bitten or see a swarm of mosquitoes before preparing to do something against them. However, by this time, the infestation has already occurred. You should prepare for mosquitoes as soon as the weather becomes warm so they do not have the chance to bite you.

Here are tips to help you prepare before mosquitoes come.

  • Clean clogged gutters

  • Fill in low-lying areas

  • Fill in hollow logs

  • Repair damaged windows

  • Repair cracks

  • Install bug lights

  • Keep your swimming pool clean

  • As they are attracted towards warmth, you can also use the mosquito magnet trap to reduce the amounts of mosquitoes in the area.

  • Insect repellent clothing, develops clothing that helps you keep protected from bothersome insects.

  • Remove any objects that collect water

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