8 Ways to Getting Mosquito Bites

Have you ever wondered why you attract so many mosquitoes? Well, mosquitoes use the sense of smell to select a favorite from a crowd. Here are eight ways to get mosquito bites.

1. Moving up and down

Mosquitoes locate their targets by sight, and any moving person is worth a second glance from a mosquito. Therefore, whenever you go out jogging, mowing your lawn, or even playing, you increase the chances of getting a mosquito bite.

2. Staying warm

One thing you should know is that mosquitoes are heat-seeking missiles. If you keep warm, you are making it easier for mosquitoes to find you. Well, these insects can’t detect your warmth from far but when near you, they will catch and try to bite you.

3. Sweating excessively

Perspiration results in the perfect mosquito attraction – odor and moisture. If you decide to jog in the evening, you will sweat, but mosquitoes will be thanking you for availing yourself to them.

4. Keep breathing

I know this is weird because according to you, breath cannot attract mosquitoes. Well, you need to understand that mosquitoes can easily detect carbon dioxide. As you breathe you exhale carbon dioxide, and the more you breathe, the more you beckon mosquitoes.

To a mosquito, the carbon dioxide indicates that there is a living, breathing, and blood-pumping creature nearby and it is time to get some meal. As soon as they sense the carbon dioxide, the mosquitoes fly in a zigzag manner until they locate you.

5. Avoid showering

Apart from making those around you uncomfortable, the more you stink, the easier it becomes for mosquitoes to locate you. Skip the soap, don’t use deodorants, and prepared to handle uncountable mosquitoes.

6. Dress in thin fabric clothes

Mosquitoes can bite through clothing especially that made using the thin material.

Nobugs clothing is made with thin cooling effect material, but repels the mosquito that is trying to land on it, so don't wear that when in mosquito infected areas.

7. Don’t wash or change your socks

Mosquitoes love stinking feet. This is no joke as this information is based on real research. Daniel L. Kline, an entomologist, experimented with his 3-day-old dirty sock. Surprisingly he found that the dirty socks were irresistible to mosquitoes.

8. Eat Limburger cheese and Drink Beer

Various studies have shown that people who enjoy several glasses of beer win the most mosquito bites at the BBQ. If you need more of these bites, snack on Limburger cheese and push it down to your stomach with beer. My friend, Limburger cheese is packed with the bacteria that make your feet stink, and you will turn into a mosquito magnet.

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