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You can find mosquitoes all over the world, especially where there are swamps and stagnant water. Asia is a continent that has a great number of swamps. Hence, you would find a plethora of insect-borne diseases all over different parts of Asia. We shall look at some of the diseases, their symptoms, and the steps you can take as a preventive measure.

  • Dengue: This is one of the most common diseases transmitted by the day-biting mosquito Aedes. Characterized by joint pains, rashes, headaches, and fever, dengue is not fatal. However, a variant of the dengue, namely the dengue hemorrhagic fever can cause fatalities in more than 40% of the cases.

  • Chikungunya: This is a similar disease in many ways to dengue but without the fatality factor. This is prevalent all over Asia including the Indian Subcontinent.

  • Encephalitis: The principal carrier of this potentially dangerous disease is a night-biting mosquito found in the swamps of South and East Asia. You can prevent this disease by vaccination.

  • Leishmaniasis: You will find this disease in regions of eastern India, Bangladesh, Nepal, as well as certain parts of South America such as Brazil. This is a parasitical infection caused by sand flies. The variant of the disease, the visceral Leishmaniasis is much prevalent in the Indian subcontinent affecting half a million people annually.

  • Filariasis: This disease characterized by swelling of the feet is a result of infection from roundworms, mosquitoes, as well as biting midges.

We have seen some of the insect-borne disease affecting Asia. The list could get exhaustive. Now we shall consider an effective means of protection against the disease.

  • You can wear insect repellent clothing such as “NOBU.GS with Insect Shield®.”

  • While preventing insect bites, it provides effective protection against insects.

  • You may use topical repellents on exposed areas of your skin. This clothing reduces the need of these topical repellents.

  • The insect maternity protection shield works in a similar way as the repellent sprays and lotions.

  • While meeting all the requirements of the EPA, this shield can help protect you against biting and bothersome insects.

  • This maternity wear protection can repel mosquitoes as well as ticks and other biting insects.

  • The advantage of this shield is that the insect shield protection binds with the clothing and not to the skin.

  • The entire family can use this kind of clothing for effective protection.

You can wash the clothes

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