Malaria vaccine and protected maternity wear

The mosquito might seem to look like a humble insect. However, it has the capacity to create havoc. Mosquito bites are the cause of some of the most dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, and the recently-in-the-news Zika virus. The most infamous mosquito until date, the Anopheles, is the principal carrier of the disease, malaria affecting over 214 million people annually and causing the deaths of at least half a million people every year.

The surprising fact is that in spite of malaria being such a potentially dangerous disease, there is no effective vaccine as such for malaria. However, recently scientists have succeeded in discovering an experimental malaria vaccine that can offer protection to adults for up to a year.

The best way to fight malaria is preventing the disease from striking you. However, before going into the prevention aspect, we should have a fair idea as to the causes, symptoms, and characterization of the disease.

The Anopheles mosquito is, in fact, the carrier of the parasite, Plasmodium that causes the disease. The mosquito revels in areas of stagnant water and infects humans by biting them at night. The main symptoms of the disease are high fever and flu-like symptoms. Usually, malaria is not fatal. However, the variants of malaria such as those affecting the kidney and cerebral portion can prove fatal.

The best way to treat malaria is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. You should ensure that you do not provide any breeding ground for mosquitoes. There should be no stagnant pools of water. At night, you should use mosquito nets to prevent the mosquito from biting you.

You can also wear insect repellent clothing such as NOBU.GS with Insect Shield®. This clothing can provide effective insect protection to the wearer. The best part of this clothing is that every person in the household can use it. It can reduce the need for using topical repellents. You may have to use topical repellents though on areas of exposed skin. This insect maternity protection shield works in a way much similar to the repellent sprays and lotions. The advantage of this maternity wear protection shield is that this is an EPA registered shield meeting all its requirements. This is a built-in protection, bonding with the clothing and not the skin.

In the absence of any protective vaccine, this is the most convenient way of protecting babies, children and grown ups from these biting insects.

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