The Chikungunya is one more General in the mosquito army in its fight against the man.

There has been an age-old connection between mosquitoes and man. The enmity between the two creatures is present since the advent of Man. However, intellectual the man is, he has not been able to fight off the threat of the humble mosquito. The man has created the nuclear bomb as a weapon of mass destruction. However, when it comes to fighting mosquitoes, he has come second best.

The evidence is there for all to see. Malaria accounts for affecting an average of 214 million people annually. Similarly, you will find other diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, and the chikungunya.

The chikungunya is also a viral disease with the only carrier being the Aedes mosquito. The female of the species is the deadly one. The male Aedes does not bite anybody. Having its origins in the 1950s in parts of Africa as well as Asia, the chikungunya is responsible for intermittent epidemics. The most recent one was in 2006 when the outbreak was in Kenya as well as several islands in the Indian Ocean such as Seychelles, Mauritius. India is also a major victim of this chikungunya virus.

Let us now see how the disease spreads its tentacles. The main carrier is the day-biting Andes mosquito, quite in contrast to the night-biting Anopheles that causes malaria. The symptoms are the occurrence of high fever, rashes, often accompanies by crippling joint pains. The disease is similar to dengue. However, there is one difference. The difference is that chikungunya is not fatal whereas a variant of the dengue is. The same mosquito, Aedes, is the carrier of the Zika virus too. It seems that this mosquito has a vengeance against man.

The best way of combating this disease is through prevention. There is no vaccine for protection against chikungunya. You have to ensure that no water remains stagnant to allow breeding of the mosquitoes. Application of topical insect repelling creams and lotions can ward off the disease by preventing mosquito bites.

One alternate but effective way is to wear insect repellent clothing such as NOBU.GS with Insect Shield®. This insect maternity protection shield can provide effective protection against biting insects such as the Aedes mosquito. As the maternity wear protection shield covers an extensive area of the skin, it reduces the need for using topical insect repellents. This shield meets all the requirements of the EPA as well. The instant shield bonds to your clothing and not with the skin. This apparel can last up to seventy washings.

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