Potency disclosure of mosquito repellent made compulsory

Prevention is better than cure. This is an age-old statement having great relevance even today in various fields. The statement, however, has the greatest significance in the health field, especially when it comes to combating deadly insect-borne disease such as dengue, malaria, and the infamous Zika virus.

You can prevent the outbreak of any disease in a number of ways. Diseases involving mosquito and other insect bites are the most common. The mosquitoes have a habit of breeding in stagnant water. The best method of preventing any outbreak is to clear the area of all stagnant water. However, this is not always possible. There has to be an alternate method or two.

Diseases such as malaria and the Zika do not have any vaccine protection. The only way to ensure against the spread of the disease is to ensure that the mosquitoes do not bite you. One way of doing it is by the use of mosquito repellent. The question that arises now would be as to what could be the potency period of the mosquito repellent.

The mosquito repellent can be sprays or topical lotions and ointments. You have to apply these repellents to the exposed areas of your skin. These repellents have an effective period after which the potency reduces and you need to apply the repellent again.

The EPA has now made it compulsory for the manufacturers of these repellents to indicate on the product labels about the details of time of potency of the product. This disclosure has many benefits.

The user would now know as to how long would the repellent work effectively. He would now be able to time the application of the product in a better manner. In case, he has to spend longer hours in such mosquito-infested areas, he would now know the quantity of insect repellent he should carry with him. This disclosure is one of the most positive developments in the industry as a whole.

There are alternate methods of prevention in addition to the use of insect repellents. This is by using insect repellent clothing such as NOBU.GS with Insect Shield®.

This is protective clothing offering effective insect protection. The nature of the clothing is such that by helping prevent insect bites, it reduces the need for insect repellents. However, you would find open areas of skin where you have to apply the topical repellents. This insect maternity protection shield meets the requirements of the EPA. The maternity wear protection can be useful for the entire family.

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