The biotechnological way of countering Zika

The Zika virus is the main topic in the world today, thanks to its abundance in Brazil, the land of the Summer Olympic Games 2016. Maybe, if the Olympics had not been in Brazil, the Zika virus infection would not have attained such a cult status.

However, the virus has come to stay now. It is not that the virus is a new phenomenon. The first incidence of the Zika virus goes back about seventy years ago to Uganda. This is the modern age where there are research facilities available to combat the deadliest diseases in the world.

There is no vaccine as such to prevent the Zika virus from spreading. However, biotechnology has a plausible solution to combat the Zika virus. In fact, the situation is such that the world would be ready to lap up anything that promises to eliminate the Zika virus.

The solution is the introduction of the genetically modified mosquito into the mosquito population. The system works in this way.

A biotechnology firm from Florida should take the credit for submitting this proposal for helping to eliminate the Zika virus. The plan is to inject mosquito eggs with the DNA containing the lethal genes. On hatching, the plan is to release the genetically modified male mosquito into the mosquito population to enable the same to mate with the female ones. The reason for releasing the males and not the females is that because the male Aedes mosquito does not sting people and hence there is no danger from the males. The result would be that the offspring of the genetically modified males and the normal females would not survive up to adulthood, thus helping in shrinking the mosquito population to a virtual extinction.

They have conducted field tests in Brazil and the results are encouraging. The mosquito population has seen an 82% decline over an eight-month period. This method can have multiple effects as the same mosquito causes other diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya as well.

This is one way of eliminating the disease. There is another way of preventing the spread of the disease. That is the use of insect repellent clothing such as NOBU.GS with Insect Shield®.

This insect maternity protection can provide effective protection against biting insects such as mosquitoes. Helping prevent insect bites, this maternity wear protection reduces the need for topical applications. The clothes has been approved by regulatory institutes around the globe and has been tested and proven to be completely appropriate to use for pregnant women and infants


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