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NOBU.GS is a company that is founded upon principles of social responsibility and environmental preservation. The goal of NOBU.GS is to provide pregnant women, their unborn babies, and others around the globe smart Zika protection in the form of insect repellent clothing and gear.

How does insect repellent clothing work?

The effectiveness behind the stylish and functional lines of apparel and paraphernalia on comes from the innovative insect repellent technology created by Insect Shield®. Insect Shield® is a proprietary process that fuses the EPA-approved Permethrin insecticide firmly into fabric fibers, to provide a safe and easy way to repel all manner of biting insects and arthropods.

Zika’s tiniest victims: unborn babies

The Zika virus is devastating to pregnant women and their unborn children. There are unanswered questions the medical community has regarding the effects of Zika on a pregnant woman such as what the likelihood is of her fetus being affected, and whether or not how she contracted the virus (mosquito, blood transfusion or sexual transmission) has any bearing on the eventual outcome. However, doctors do know the Zika virus can be transferred from mom to fetus, with possible birth defects such as;

  • Fetal brain defects

  • Microcephaly

  • Loss in hearing

  • Stunted growth

  • Eye defects

  • Injury to the central nervous system

It is becoming clearer to medical experts that the damaging effects of the Zika virus can occur throughout all stages of pregnancy. Even when the Zika virus has not infected the fetus, it can cause fetal death by destroying the placenta.

How pregnant women can get Zika protection

The CDC has strict guidelines for expectant mother to follow regarding travel. First, they are strongly encouraged not to travel to areas where the Zika virus is spreading, which increases their exposure to the disease. If they absolutely must travel to those Zika danger zones, they should speak to a medical professional to advise them about proper insect repellent methods and insect repellent clothing. Finally, pregnant women should either abstain from sex with a partner that has either lived or visited a Zika hot zone (or been infected with the virus), or use a condom.

Sharing insect repellent clothing to those at risk

To help pregnant women protect their unborn babies, for every maternity shirt purchased on NOBU.GS, they will donate another insect repellent shirt to a pregnant woman in some part of the world that is living in an area infested by Zika. Check out their Buy 1 Give 1 program.

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