Top 5 interesting facts about mosquitos

The earliest, most primitive species of mosquito dates back 100 million years. These pesky – often deadly – creatures are unfortunately here to stay, so get out that anti-mosquito repellent, and learn more about these annoying bloodsuckers.

#1: Anti-mosquito repellent needed for female mosquitoes only

Female mosquitos live up to eight weeks, and lay eggs roughly every 3 days. During that time of reproduction, the female mosquito needs blood for her eggs. There’s no need for any insect repellent around male mosquitos; the male mosquito feeds only on nectar only, and they only live approximately 10 days.

#2: Mosquitos are slow-pokes

They might not appear to be slow as they are eluding your swatting hands, but mosquitos are the slowest flying insect around. They fly at a speed of approximately 1.5 miles per hour, beating their wings up to 600 times every second. When they land on clothing that’s been infused with insect repellent, they will become immobilized, or die.

#3: Feed and breed: the life of a mosquito

After male eggs are hatched, they have to wait a couple of days to mate, as their bodies develop fully. Male mosquitos locate their mates by listening for the sound of female wings flapping. Once they find each other, they will synchronize the rhythm of their own wings to match that of their mate. Sounds cute, but remember - you can keep Romeo and Juliet at bay with insect repellent, or insect repellent clothing.

#4: How mosquitos find and bite you

The human body emits certain scents that attract mosquitos, such as carbon dioxide when we breathe. Once your scent and body heat is detected, the mosquito will hone in to find, and land, on you (if you are not wearing insect repellent clothing or any anti-mosquito repellent). The mosquito will use her intricate system of needles to first detect blood capilaries, followed by injecting you with an anticoagulant via her saliva into your bloodstream, which then transfers your blood into her body more easily.

#5: Certain mosquitoes are deadly

The World Health Organization reports that mosquitos kill approximately 1 million people each year around the world. They can transmit deadly diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, and more.

Do all you can to provide insect protection for you and your family. Learn more about anti-mosquito repellent and insect repellent clothing.

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