Saving lives with insect repellent technology

Mosquitoes spread many life-threatening diseases like Malaria, Dengue, West Nile Virus, and the Zika virus worldwide. Because many of these diseases have no real cure or vaccination, global health organizations assert that Zika protection, Malaria protection, Dengue protection and West Nile Virus protection begins with preventing Mosquito bites from happening in the first place. To that end, insect repellent clothing, nets and gear (along with anti-mosquito repellent) can provide the first line of defense against disease-carrying mosquitoes.

The technology behind insect repellent clothing

Permethrin is a man-made insecticide that has been scientifically engineered to mimic the natural repellent produced by chrysanthemum plant life - most notably the African Daisy. Permethrin’s effectiveness lies in the way it disturbs the mosquito’s nervous system to the point of paralysis and even death. While Permethrin is incapacitating and deadly to mosquitoes chiggers, fleas, ticks and other biting insects, the EPA has long-approved Permethrin’s safety for use in products for animals and humans.

NOBU.GS maternity clothing with Insect Shield® is a revolutionary process that tightly fuses Permethrin with fabric fibers in a way that is environmentally safe, and designed to last for the lifetime of the garment. Insect Shield®’s proprietary fusion method releases no harmful ingredients into the environment, and operates on an energy-efficient system that is creative and responsible to the world’s natural setting. The elegant insect repellent problem-solving technology of Insect Shield® is based on a commitment to use Permethrin wisely, and sparingly. In fact, the Insect Shield® process bonds Permethrin so effectively to fabric than re-application is unnecessary, assuring no overuse of insecticide.

Insect repellent clothing put to the test

Knockdown testing is a scientific method of analysis to establish the effectiveness of insect repellent clothing, which is recognized by the WHO, the USDA, and the CDC. These tests have concluded that insect repellent clothing shows a 97.6% reduce in total bites.

In a series of commissioned studies regarding the effect of Insect Shield®’s proprietary method of binding Permethrin to fabric fibers, and its long-term effect on human skin, results confirmed that Insect Shield®’s process securely fastens Permethrin in place, with no transmission to human skin or to the environment.

Insect repellent clothing for active lifestyles

Insect repellent clothing and gear with Insect Shield® technology is available in a wide variety of designs and styles. It is designed for the safety and comfort of men, women, children, and babies around the world.

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