Innovative insect repellent clothing offers Zika protection

By year’s end, the World Health Organization predicts that millions of people will be infected by the virus ZIKA, as it has already started spreading from Argentina up into southern regions of the United States. In infants, this disease is responsible for causing serious birth defects such as microcephaly, while in adults, it has been linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome. Because this disease is mostly transmitted by certain mosquitoes that inhabit areas of South America and certain American southern states, a progressive new company’s mosquito repellent and insect repellent clothing may offer protection to pregnant women and other at-risk people in ZIKA danger zones (more about that insect protection later).

Government: Will it provide Zika protection before time runs out?

While the clock ticks on the deadline to get the Zika bill passed (which would provide funding for additional precautionary Zika protection, vaccinations, research and other defenses) political party ideology is getting in the way. While House and Senate Republicans have come to a consensus regarding the proposed $1.1Billion bill, Democrats are opposed to certain GOP-inspired provisions in the bill including preventing birth control funding to Planned Parenthood to protect women who have a higher potential to contract Zika, and the GOP’s refusal to allow infertile veterans to use sperm and donor eggs as part of their in-vitro fertilization treatment.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (literally – in the North Dallas area), health officials have reported approximately 12 cases of the ZIKA virus, with pregnant women being the majority of those infected. While none of these people contracted ZIKA in the United States, the importance of insect protection is not lessened.

American ingenuity and activism provides global insect protection

While the elephants and donkeys knock heads in Washington, - a concerned group of entrepreneurs - is getting ready to launch their ground-breaking line of insect repellent clothing and paraphernalia. Their goal is to provide insect protection and anti-mosquito repellent gear for men, women, children and babies across the globe, through their products which have been infused with Insect Shield®. EPA-approved Permethrin is at the core of the insect repellent clothing, blankets and nets that offers. This anti-mosquito repellent has long been used in other insect protection products for pets and children, so it is safe. What’s more, the anti-mosquito repellent products sells work as insect repellent against fleas, ticks, and other biting insects.

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