Are you always the one being bitten by mosquitos? Your life is about to change. NOBU.GS presents a revolutionary clothing and insect repellent gear line that will prevent insects from biting you.

The technology is not new, it has been used by the US military for several years now to protect the worlds bravest men from being bitten.

NOBU.GS has been approved by regulatory institutes around the globe and has been tested and proven to be suitable to use for pregnant women and infants.

Protect your complete family and greatly reduce your chances of catching insect borne diseases with NOBU.GS insect repellent clothing.

NOBU.GS is about to launch their first items which will include a insect repellent mosquito net, a insect repellent blanket, insect repellent baby clothing and a full insect repellent shirt line.

find more information and research about insect repellent clothing on the NOBU.GS website.

NOBU.GS will start its sales

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