August 20, 2016

Have you ever wondered why you attract so many mosquitoes? Well, mosquitoes use the sense of smell to select a favorite from a crowd. Here are eight ways to get mosquito bites.

1.    Moving up and down

Mosquitoes locate their targets by sight, and any moving pe...

August 12, 2016

Check it out! insect repellent clothing and maternity protection wear 

August 11, 2016

You can find mosquitoes all over the world, especially where there are swamps and stagnant water. Asia is a continent that has a great number of swamps. Hence, you would find a plethora of insect-borne diseases all over different parts of Asia. We shall look at some of...

August 10, 2016

The mosquito might seem to look like a humble insect. However, it has the capacity to create havoc. Mosquito bites are the cause of some of the most dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, and the recently-in-the-news Zika virus. The most infamous mosquito until da...

August 9, 2016

There has been an age-old connection between mosquitoes and man. The enmity between the two creatures is present since the advent of Man. However, intellectual the man is, he has not been able to fight off the threat of the humble mosquito. The man has created the nucl...

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First Zika microcephaly birth in Europe

July 26, 2016

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